What Areté Does

In Space

Areté has been a technology leader in space for decades. Every GEO-Intelligence Satellite in orbit or development benefits from our leading-edge sensing solutions, analytics, or deep learning. We pride ourselves on contributing to our national security and global safety.


Tracking vehicles in dense, dynamic, and hostile urban environments is a challenge faced by intelligence analysts and operators. Analysts face a large amount of disparate data, often from multiple platforms and sources, that require rapid and accurate analysis.

We discovered a way to draw on satellite, law enforcement, and other feeds to track vehicles in dynamic urban environments.

We developed a sensor-agnostic sensing system that can integrate multiple sources into a single display. First, PreVAIL identifies all possible matches within a given city or area, based on initial information. Second, PreVAIL predicts traffic in real time, even as conditions change — for instance, from daylight to darkness, in bad weather, and in other low-visibility situations. Third, PreVAIL detects most likely matches and locations quickly, efficiently, and with high confidence.

We delivered PreVAIL, vehicle detection software designed specifically for protecting and rescuing U.S. personnel and others around the world.