Sea-Trekking Rechargeable Instrumented DRifter



STRIDR® is a small, low-cost Lagrangian drifter with a standard suite of sensors including GPS, a 10-DOF inertial measurement unit, a microphone, and temperature and pressure sensors. Optional sensors include a sky-pointing camera, a hydrophone, a radio frequency detector, and a conductivity sensor. STRIDR can accommodate many other types of sensors. STRIDR’s wings are rechargeable solar panels, and at mission’s end can safely scuttle to the ocean floor where most of its components will biodegrade.

  • Low size, weight, power, and cost
  • Flexible design to host multiple sensors simultaneously
  • Solar panels that enhance float life
  • Iridium-certified design
  • Wi-Fi update capable
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Five scuttle modes

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