Areté Builds Products of the

Highest Quality

Arete specializes in reliably providing low size, weight, power, and cost (low-SWaP-C) sensing solutions for government and commercial customers. Our solutions include stand-alone software and hardware as well as fully integrated systems. In addition to finished products, we routinely have mature prototypes available for testing as a result of our rapid prototyping efforts. Areté features 220K square feet of lab, office, and production capacity and our Quality Management System has been third party certified since 2004.



Areté introduces the next generation of athermal lasers with AIRTRAC-LP, a compact, lightweight, low-power, and extremely rugged laser source for designators. AIRTRAC, in fact, has established a new standard in size for lasers of this class. Employing solid state technology, AIRTRAC is highly efficient and has long life performance.


Lidar for Situational Awareness

LiSA was designed to give helicopter pilots the ability to “see through” brownouts, sand storms, fog, and other degraded visual environments (DVE), and it saves lives every day. The LiSA sensor can also be applied to other environments such as wildfire and snow storm search and rescue for real-time situational awareness.


Sea-Trekking Rechargeable Instrumented DRifter

There’s so much to learn about our oceans and waterways — 71% of the world’s surface. STRIDR can accommodate a suite of sensors to detect and track oceanographic data such as temperature, wave height, and salinity. Virtually any kind of sensor works with STRIDR, which sends its information by satellite to either ship or shore. STRIDR can be networked and deployed singly or in groups.


Pushbroom Imaging LiDAR for Littoral Surveillance

The Pushbroom Imaging LiDAR for Littoral Surveillance (PILLS) system is a Joint ONR-NAVAIR funded SBIR program that developed and demonstrated an airborne LiDAR bathymetric capability utilizing Areté’s Streak Tube Imaging LiDAR (STIL) technology.


Tactical Analytic Decision Optimization Module

TANDOM is a real-time, tactical toolkit for enhancing actionable decision making. Providing low-SWaP, input-agnostic processing, TANDOM converts the myriad environmental and SA inputs from sensors, video, and environmental feeds and converts them to context-based information streams, replacing the need for sensors that capture and process data independent of each other.


Artificial Intelligence with Reason

ALSEEN is automatic target recognition (ATR) algorithm modification that simultaneously detects and estimates the accuracy of each detection. ALLSEEN is applicable to any ATR algorithm that uses standard deep learning training metrics independent of sensor or modality.


UAS Detection and Tracking

Basilisk is an unmanned air system (UAS) passive detection and tracking sensor that can detect small UASs such as drones across long distances and through high clutter. Basilisk is backpackable and can be set up by a single operator, delivering 360-degree visibility.