Lidar for DVE


Areté’s Lidar for Situational Awareness (LiSA) is a state-of-the-art sensor providing superior pilotage and tactical understanding of hazards, wires, obstacles, flight paths and landing zones in all weather conditions, especially Degraded Visual Environments (DVE). LiSA provides superior range – 2km – and real time 3D spatial awareness of the operational environment and flight guidance at all phases of flight.

LiSA enables safer high-speed, low-level flight, improving mission performance and survivability across missions, from high-threat Combat, Reconnaissance, Medical Evacuation, or Transport Missions, to Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Operations, Emergency Rescue, and Homeland Defense Missions.

LiSA is operationally deployed – enabling thousands of safe landings and flight operations in tactically relevant situations at nighttime, in brownouts, whiteouts, snow, sand, smoke, smog, clouds, fog, rain, and flat light.

  • Superior Pilotage – in all phases of flight, in all conditions.
  • High-Speed Terrain Flight – provided by Real-Time, High-Fidelity 3D imaging at 2km Range.
  • Sees and Remembers – creates flyable 3D World Model for multiple infiltrations/extractions.
  • Increases aircrew/aircraft safety – avoiding obstacle strikes or Controlled Flights Into Terrain (CFIT).
  • Low Detectable – no RF emissions, not detectable in the visible and by NIR band (NVG) sensors.
  • Low Size, Weight, and Power – supports flexible aircraft configuration and integration.
  • FAA Certified – DO-178C Certified.

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