Lidar for Situational Awareness in DVE


Areté’s Lidar for Situational Awareness (LiSA) is a state-of-the-art sensor providing superior pilotage and tactical understanding of hazards, wires, obstacles, flight paths, and landing zones in all weather conditions, specializing in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE). As a leading Degraded Visual Environment solution, LiSA offers an impressive range of up to 2km and real-time 3D spatial awareness of the operational environment, enhancing flight guidance at all phases of flight and significantly mitigating risks associated with Degraded Visual Environments.

LiSA enables safer high-speed, low-level flight, improving mission performance and survivability across a range of missions, including high-threat Combat, Reconnaissance, Medical Evacuation, Transport Missions, Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Operations, Emergency Rescue, and Homeland Defense Missions. Its capabilities are crucial in mitigating the challenges posed by Degraded Visual Environments, ensuring effective operational deployment and support.

Operationally Deployed Degraded Visual Environment Solution

LiSA is operationally deployed, enabling thousands of safe landings and flight operations in tactically relevant situations at nighttime, in brownouts, whiteouts, snow, sand, smoke, smog, clouds, fog, rain, and flat light. This deployment underscores its effectiveness as a comprehensive Degraded Visual Environment solution.

  • Superior Pilotage – in all phases of flight, in all conditions.
  • High-Speed Terrain Flight – provided by Real-Time, High-Fidelity 3D imaging at 2km Range.
  • Sees and Remembers – creates flyable 3D World Model for multiple infiltrations/extractions.
  • Increases aircrew/aircraft safety – avoiding obstacle strikes or Controlled Flights Into Terrain (CFIT).
  • Low Detectable – no RF emissions, not detectable in the visible and by NIR band (NVG) sensors.
  • Low Size, Weight, and Power – supports flexible aircraft configuration and integration.
  • FAA Certified – DO-178C Certified.

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