Decision Optimization



TANDOM is a Tactical ANalytic Decision Optimization Module that provides real-time sensor fusion capability in any situation requiring immediate integration of multiple sensors and sensor modalities (chemical, radiological, biological, video, environmental, etc.). TANDOM allows resources to focus on “high confidence” events, facilitating earlier decision making and detecting events that might have been missed in the past. TANDOM automatically fuses diverse sensor inputs into an intuitive tactical display with an exceptionally low false alarm rate. The TANDOM software package resides on a mini-PC using industry standard I/O protocols, enabling easy use and adaptation – including fixed-bases, expeditionary missions, and the individual warfighter.

  • Reduces cognitive burden
  • Real-time operation and fusion
  • Sensor – input agnostic
  • Highly scalable
  • Continually learns – low false alarms
  • Fixed or expeditionary operation
  • Interface independent – CoT/ISA/…

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