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The information on this website provides notice to the public that certain Areté products are covered by one or more patents.1 This website is periodically updated and will not list all Areté products that are covered by patents or every patent that covers any Areté product. This site is not intended to provide legal advice and does not waive any legal rights or remedies that Areté may have.

AIRTRAC® Laser Products

AIRTRAC Laser products, including AIRTRAC-532, AIRTRAC-HP, AIRTRAC-SP, AIRTRAC, AIRTRAC-EP, as well as custom versions of the AIRTRAC family are protected by the following patents within the US:
US 8,514,906
US 9,225,143
US 9,806,489
US 10,714,887
US 10,326,249
US 11,611,188

In Israel, AIRTRAC Laser products are protected by patent number:

In Australia, AIRTRAC laser products are protected by patent numbers:

In Canada, AIRTRAC laser products are protected by patent number:

In Czech Republic, Great Brittain, France, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Finland, AIRTRAC Products are protected by patent number:

AIRTRAC laser products with options for active long pulse capabilities are additionally protected by the following US patents:
US 10,855,050
US 11,469,569
US 11469569
US 12009631

1See 35 U.S.C. § 287(a)