Hanna: Electromagnetic Turbulent Velocity Sensor

Electromagnetic Turbulent Velocity Sensor Tech Talk

March 4, 2024

Areté’s electromagnetic turbulent velocity sensor, Hanna, was featured in a Navy SBIR/STTR Transition Program tech talk. Hanna enables autonomous underwater vehicles and submarines to measure small scale turbulence in the ocean. This helps to enhance our understanding of the marine environment and safely carry out naval missions.

Hanna operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Using an array of magnets, it creates a static field around the sensor head. As water flows through this field, it generates a fluctuating electromotive force, which is linearly proportional to turbulent velocity. The sensor employs multiple electrodes to measure and combines these data points to derive orthogonal velocity components, offering precise insights into turbulence dynamics.

To learn more about Hanna, check out Arete’s tech talk and accompanying quad chart.

Click here for quad chart.