Areté has extensive experience designing and manufacturing compact and robust systems for a diverse set of civil and military platforms, for use in surveillance and targeting.

Areté has developed sensors that are deployed on a variety of military and commercial platforms, our technical  breadth and capabilities in engineering enables the rapid development of  systems to exploit newly discovered or technically challenging phenomena.

Areté is a world-leader in developing lidar systems from applications as diverse as underwater mine detection to helicopter pilotage aids on degraded visual environments (DVE).

Areté Associates has a long tradition of excellence in the area of ocean remote sensing. The Remote Ocean Current Imaging System is a new airborne real-time surface current measurement capability that leverages recent advances in remote sensing.

ROCIS uses high resolution imaging to measure ocean surface currents over large areas. Commercial off-the-shelf cameras and hardware components comprise the imaging payload that can be quickly installed into any survey aircraft with a photogrammetric hole.

Areté has decades of experience providing both sensor and algorithm innovation for extracting critical information from an array of Chem-Bio sensors.   Areté develops  and deploys analytic and sensor based approaches to aid in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of man-made and natural occurring health threats.  Areté provides a family of point bio-detection platforms which can be custom configured to meet a wide range of end-use applications.  Ideally suited for fixed, remote or mobile applications.

Many emerging active remote sensing applications require lasers with unique parameters. For example, high pulse-energy blue wavelengths are required for ocean water penetration and deep-UV is required for remote chemical and biological species detection using Raman spectroscopy. Specialty agile laser waveforms enable long-range detection of objects with unprecedented resolution.  Areté is at the forefront of developing enabling laser technologies to address these challenging applications.  Areté has invented a new patented laser technology which achieves the performance of traditional lasers at a fraction of the size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).