The Areté Target Identification (TID) family of lasers provides high-pulse output energies and short-pulse durations in a compact physical package. The systems have been designed for laser radar and laser illumination applications where available integration volume is constrained. The lasers employ a novel thermal management design resulting in high efficiency in comparison to other lasers in this class. Areté can provide lasers based on this design in a wide variety of common YAG laser harmonics and wavelengths. A customized version of the TID leverages the design experience and investment to date.

Areté continues to improve this family of lasers and may be working on the unit that meets your needs.  RPMC Lasers represents Areté Associates in offering standard laser products to customers. Please contact them at or call 636-272-7227.

Areté employs novel optical designs and thermal management techniques to produce highly efficient lasers with low size weight and power requirements. Multiple custom designs have been built and delivered for a broad range of applications. Your laser application is as important to Areté as it is to you. Contact us with your custom laser requirements at

Model TID-1064

Energy mJ=80

Model TID-1572

Energy mJ=20

Model ATID-1064

Energy mJ=200

Model ATID-1572

Energy mJ=40