Our Partners

Areté seeks to be nationally recognized as the first choice for inventive solutions to customers’ critically important, information extraction and data analysis challenges. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of quality and projects that exceed expectations leading to maximum customer and partner satisfaction. Areté continuously seeks to augment and deliver our capabilities through a broad network of government, private, academic and public partnerships. Some of our partners and collaborators from our 40 year history are listed below.

Teaming to Deliver Groundbreaking Results


“Fugro and technology partner Areté Associates have successfully deployed the Remote Ocean Current Imaging System (ROCIS) in its first operational project in the Gulf of Mexico. ROCIS allows the mapping of near synoptic, surface ocean currents, over a large area, providing critical information during for offshore oil and gas operations. Areté developed this unique enabling technology and then worked side by side with Fugro to transition the capability to commercial services. The shared vision of Areté and Fugro was a primary driver in the success of this project and we look forward to exploring other technology areas where we can expand our partnership.”
– Fugro Public Release Statement


“…I doubted that a viable solution could be produced… It’s certainly a testament to your team’s expertise and experience that you were able to… develop algorithms that perform about as well as a human analyst in many scenarios, and sometimes even out-perform them! Too many times developers choose test methods and data which bias performance assessments in their favor.  Your evaluation was comprehensive, representative, and honest, and…applicable to a majority of the problems sets we face.”
– Program Manager, Zeta Associates