SeaPort Enhanced (N00178-10-D-5901)

In 2002, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) promulgated Seapower 21, a framework for aligning, organizing and integrating the U.S. Navy to meet the wide variety of challenges that lay ahead. The CNO called upon the entire Navy to find ways to become more efficient and effective. To meet Seapower 21 objectives and to increase efficiency, the NAVSEA Warfare Centers established the Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle, using a web-based, e-business procurement portal to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time.

In October 2004, the Virtual SYSCOM Commanders expanded the ordering community of SeaPort-e to include all Virtual SYSCOM activities and to use SeaPort-e across the Virtual SYSCOM. Additionally, other activities, including the Military Sealift Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps have chosen to use SeaPort-e.

Seaport-e is one of Areté’s current contracts.

How to Use

The Government website provides an overview of SeaPort™ for Government users, and the business rules and assumptions used in its development.

The Team

Areté brings additional technical depth and breadth to the Government by the addition of small business team mates as needed to respond to particular task orders. Previous teammates included Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Advanced Technology Applications, Hofstadter Analytical Services, M7 Electro-Optics, and The Sensor Group. Areté intends to continue to search out qualified small businesses

SeaPort Enhanced – Capabilities

Areté Associates is an advanced science and engineering company with more than 40 years of experience providing innovative solutions to the most challenging technical problems faced by the United States military and the intelligence community. Our core competencies include the following:

  • First-principles physical modeling of signatures, environments, and sensors
  • Design of physics-based algorithms founded on rigorous statistical hypothesis testing for robust tracking, detection, and identification of weak signals in heavy clutter in the electro-optic, infrared, laser, and radar regimes
  • Ruggedized sensor development, including Electro-Optic sensors for remote sensing, in-situ sensors, and spectroscopic instrumentation for detection of trace gasses
  • Comprehensive field experiment design, execution, and evaluation for rigorous proof-of-concept demonstrations, measurement programs, and system evaluations in operationally relevant environments
  • ISO-certified production facilities to deliver operational, advanced-technology electronic products to end users
  • CMM Level 2 certified software development
  • Strategic studies and analysis, operational-concept and tactics development, and capability studies which link emerging operational requirements to the “art of the technically possible”


Task Order H91269427-A001

Seaport Contract: N00178-10-D-5901EX01

Customer Satisfaction POCs


Functional Area(SOW 3.1-3.22 Performance Zones Mission Areas For Which Function Was Performed
3.1 R&D Support 2  1.3 Surface Ship Combat Systems
6  1.7 Undersea Warfare (USW) Command & Control Systems
3.2 Engineering Support 2  1.8 Undersea Warfare (USW) Weapons and Vehicles
4  1.4 Littoral Warfare Systems
6  1.3 Electronic Warfare
3.3 Modeling 4  1.4 Littoral Warfare Systems
6  1.3 Surface Ship Combat Control Systems
3.4 Prototyping 2  1.7 Undersea Warfare (USW) Command & Control Systems
4  1.4 Littoral Warfare Systems
6  1.4 Littoral Warfare Systems
3.6 Software 4  1.4 Littoral Warfare Systems
6  1.3 Surface Ship Combat Control Systems


Awarded Task Orders

Areté Quality Control

Areté is quality-focused rather than volume-focused. We seek and solve the Nation’s most daunting operational challenges and support the combat-capability-development process from concept development to product delivery. Areté employees take pride in their innovative work and are enthusiastically committed to maintaining the corporate ethos of excellence. Areté meets this expectation by sustaining a corporate culture that attracts innovators dedicated to the highest quality product and by sustaining active efforts to identify and hire the finest talent available. Our performance appraisal system explicitly evaluates employees on their contributions to quality work; Professional Achievement Awards are presented by the Board of Directors regularly throughout the year to those who perform at a noteworthy level.

The close association Areté Project Managers (PMs) maintain with their customers is the greatest assurance of quality performance. Although Areté products and services vary widely by functional area, a common commitment to excellence in innovation begins with a solid understanding of the problem or requirement addressed in the contract. Iterative interaction continues between the PM and the customer throughout the contract effort. In all endeavors Areté managers establish a close professional relationship with the customer and use customer-driven standards of excellence to measure quality, performance, and success. Our management approach is relationship focused. Our quality standards are customer determined. Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by active program managers who lead their Areté teammates to exceed expectation and to exceed defined standards of success. Areté’s consistent record of outstanding contract performance and quality are plainly reflected in our contract performance ratings.

In addition to close PM involvement with customers, Areté PMs participate with the Areté CEO in business reviews to ensure contractual performance goals are being met and that all PMs are appropriately resourced. This internal quality assurance process closely connects the Areté corporate leadership with the PMs who are interacting with customers. The open door policy at all levels enables rapid problem resolution if a problem arises.

While the above discussion addresses general quality across the spectrum of Areté work, our engineering and prototyping work require a formalized Quality Management System (QMS). Areté’s QMS is documented in a four tier system which includes our Quality Manual, Quality System Procedures, Work Instructions, and Process Records. The QMS is intended to document, implement, and maintain the quality system and to provide for continuous improvement within the requirements of the AS9100 standard. Management is responsible for providing the resources necessary to accomplish product realization and monitor the processes for improvement. The guiding principle behind this interaction is a focus on customer satisfaction. Quality discipline is the responsibility of all employees. Management is committed to providing the resources, training, and oversight to ensure that quality procedures are consistently applied. Management also provides our quality representatives with the authority to independently verify compliance with quality procedures. A closed loop corrective action plan provides a mechanism for continuous quality improvement. All employees are encouraged to identify areas for improvement.

New employees are indoctrinated into the Areté Quality Policy as part of their initial employee orientation, and quality awareness is reinforced through annual briefings. The employee’s supervisor will identify and provide specific quality training, as required by job assignment. Employee briefing and training records are maintained by the Human Resources department.

Areté processes are also ISO 9000 and CMM Level 2 certified.


Guaranteeing Responsiveness to and Cooperation with Customers

Responsiveness to and cooperation with customers as well as maintaining high quality standards are natural extensions of sound Program Management. The customer-service culture espoused by the CEO, nurtured throughout the chain of command, and emphasized in PM training ensure that Areté PMs understand that providing responsive customer service is a corporate imperative. Areté routinely receives the highest grades in customer satisfaction from its customers. Depending on the complexity of the contract effort, either the COO or the appropriate Business Are Lead participates in the kick-off meeting. During that initial meeting with the customer, Areté’s dedication to customer service is made known, and the government PM and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) are encouraged to contact the COO or the appropriate Business Are Lead should they encounter a problem – real or perceived – with our dedication to customer service. Our performance appraisal system implicitly evaluates employees on their contributions to customer service; Professional Achievement Awards are presented by the Board of Directors regularly throughout the year to those who perform at a noteworthy level.


Problem Resolution

Problems can arise from various sources during contract execution – technical, programmatic, or interpersonal. Regardless of the cause, Areté PMs understand that they are paid to resolve problems, not ignore them. Given our relatively flat management structure, PMs have a direct line to their respective Business Are Lead, and an open door to the COO and CEO. They are expected to seek assistance in resolving problems whenever they might arise. Additionally, since the CEO conducts frequent program reviews, no problem can remain inadequately addressed for long. Our performance appraisal system explicitly evaluates employees on their ability to resolve problems.

Areté Points of Contact


Team Member Zone POC POC Phone Email
Areté 2 Technical Dr. Bob DiMarco (703) 413-0290
Contracts Ms. Mary Jean Andres (703) 413-0290
4 Technical Dr. Dave Hamrick (850) 729-6582
Contracts Mr. Mike Onstott (520)571-8660 x203
6 Technical Mr. Nick Flacco (818) 885-2265
Mr. Jeff Mercer  (520)770-6086
Contracts Ms. Mary Jean Andres (703) 413-0290
Mr. Mike Onstott (520) 571-8660 x203