Board of Directors

Board Chairperson – Ms. Tina Jonas, Independent Consultant

Ms. Jonas is an executive with a distinguished career. She has served at the highest levels in both the government and commercial sectors and is a recognized expert in military, defense, and aerospace issues. Ms. Jonas is currently an independent consultant and serves on several boards. She is a trustee of the Aerospace Corporation and the National Defense Industrial Association. She is a board member of the National Military Family Association and EADS, North America (Airbus Group).


Mr. Tim Paulson, Independent Consultant

Mr. Paulson has extensive financial management experience, including 6 years of P&L responsibility as Chief Financial Officer of a business operating unit and 7 years as Corporate Treasurer of a $5B Fortune 500 Company providing aerospace, defense, and electronics technology to government and commercial customers.


Mr. Charles L. Beames, York Space Systems, Executive Chairman

Mr. Beames is currently the Executive Chairman of York Space Systems, a leader in commercial satellite design and manufacturing.  Previously, he served as President, Vulcan Aerospace and Executive Director, Stratolaunch Systems. Beames brings to the Areté Board broad executive experience across the space and military industry, including legislative affairs and private equity investment.


Mr. Jeffrey M. Smith, Riptide Autonomous Solutions, President

Mr. Smith is currently the President of Riptide Autonomous Solutions, a leader in Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) design and manufacturing. Previously, he led the business growth strategy, capture management, partnering initiatives, and product expansion at Bluefin Robotics, now General Dynamics Mission Systems. Smith brings to the board over 25 years of experience working product development for the DoD from large companies to small startups demonstrating the ability to standup rapid prototyping and production lines.


Mr. David Campion, Areté Associates, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Campion leads Areté Associates as its President and CEO. Since becoming President and CEO he has helped to unify the company behind a strategic plan that calls for innovation that rapidly transforms our ground-breaking S&T advances into prototypes and finished solutions. Over his short tenure, we have seen the company revenue grow and worked to develop the staff and leadership across the company. Prior to this role, he served as Areté’s Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for executing a diverse program portfolio delivering integrated hardware and software remote sensing solutions to a broad base of Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers.

Mr. Campion’s technical background includes remote sensing, image processing, and application development projects. He has extensive expertise in signal processing and detection analysis for passive optical IR and visible sensors. He has developed algorithms for detection, clutter reduction, false alarm mitigation and target tracking for use with numerous optical systems. Mr. Campion has developed techniques for extraction of ocean environmental conditions from passive optical data. He has been responsible for the collection and analysis of data from national systems for the purpose of METOC products and water mine detection. Mr. Campion has been directly responsible for developing deliverable software for operational users and working with operational personnel to identify requirements to enhance ease of use and effect smooth transition of the code.

Mr. Campion holds an M.S. in Optical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and has been with Areté since 1993.

Mr. Jed Withers, Areté Associates, Director, Maritime Systems Airborne Sensors

Mr. Withers currently serves as a Program Director under the Areté Maritime Systems Sector. Under the Maritime Sector, Mr. Withers operates as a Business Area Lead for the Maritime Systems, Airborne Sensors (MSAS) group comprised of the COBRA, ALMDS and PILLS/RAMMS programs, and also the site lead for the Areté Florida office. In this capacity, Mr. Withers is responsible for the program management, engineering development, integration, and test efforts across the entire business portfolio. As the leader on MSAS, he has integrated staff across the company to meet the needs of his program as well as build diversity across the company. Mr. Withers has significant experience working with active and passive electro-optic sensors, CONOPs, hardware/platform integration and LIDAR/Multispectral data analysis.

Prior to joining Areté, Mr. Withers was employed with Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) and was a key member of the NGC Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Integrated Product Team (IPT). During his time at NGC, he operated as the Senior Systems Engineer and Engineering Manager for the Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS), the Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis (COBRA) system and a number of airborne sensing related development projects.

Mr. Withers holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (2002) and a M.S. in Systems Engineering (2007) from Florida Institute of Technology.

Mr. Randy Potter, Areté Associates, Chief Scientist/Fellow

Mr. Potter came to Areté in 1981 as a 21 year old with training in mathematics. Areté was very different in those days. It was mostly populated by physicists and studied phenomenology. He was hired because he was interested in algorithms and there were some new opportunities for us in that arena. Randy became an algorithm engineer and data analyst over the intervening years and developed a lot of data analysis and algorithm development techniques that are still used to this day. During this phase of his career, he was central to changing Areté from a phenomenology company to an algorithm and phenomenology company that was an essential part of the development of a critical Cold War technology.

In 1994 Randy became a VP in charge of most of our LA operations and while in that role developed much of what today is called the Special Programs and IC Business Areas. He held that job for 12 years until he stepped back from day to day management and became the Chief Scientist of the company. During that phase of his career, Randy helped develop a substantial capability for delivering operational SW, as well as helping the company move into production. He has extensive experience on Areté Board of Directors.
Randy is still active as a technical collaborator on many projects and is the Head of the Detection and Estimation Group in the Matrix. As such, he has interacted with many of the Business Area leads and has been very active in recruiting and mentoring new employees in LA and DC.

Randy is a passionate believer in Areté as a strong, independent company owned by its employees. He co-wrote the Guiding Principles.