Areté utilizes principled, statistically grounded techniques to interpret outputs and extract actionable information from our Detection, Estimation & Tracking algorithms to deliver powerful and practical decision-making solutions.

Areté Analytic Solutions

  • Pre-processing – Areté provides automated and person on the loop solutions to normalize and organize structured and unstructured data in preparation for further downstream processing for information extraction
    • Image Processing Suite (AGILE)
    • Captive Airborne Data Collection System (HYDRA)
    • Captive Underwater Data Collection System (POSEIDON)
    • Threat Reduction Advancement Processor (TRAP)
  • Real-Time
    • Automated Target Acquisition / Recognition (ATA/R)
    • Areté Radar Image Processor (ARIP)
    • Moving Target Advanced Processor (MTAP)
    • Areté Image Sequence Analysis (AGILE)
    • Hydrovision
    • Threat Reduction Advancement Network (TRAN)
  • Post-processing (analytics on demand)
    • Areté Image Sequence Analysis (AGILE)
    • Ocean Current and Bathymetric Extraction
    • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Assay Analysis