Anti-Access Area Denial (A2/AD)


Areté’s A2/AD solutions utilize industry leading sensing and processing technologies to provide information and insights for these denied areas. Areté is employing its unique abilities to find faint signals within the clutter of these environments. Areté’s techniques for detection, classification, localization and identification are emphasized in our commitment to assuring dominance of the operating environments from the ocean floor to space.

Under-Sea Dominance

  • Mine Counter Measures (MCM)
    • Airborne LASER Mine Detection System (ALMDS)
    • Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance & Analysis (COBRA)
  • Multi-Spectral 3D rendering of the Ocean and near Ocean Environments
  • Periscope Imaging and Fusion
  • Ocean surveillance, bathymetric, current, and sea state measurements and estimations

Air Dominance

  • Long Range Sensing
  • Operations in Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)
  • Laser targeting

Space Dominance

  • Processing, Visualization and Exploitation