Degraded Visual Environment Lidar



Areté’s state-of-the-art lidar was developed specifically as a real-time high-fidelity situational awareness sensor for helicopter pilots working in degraded visual environments (DVEs). This purpose-built, flight-proven sensor offers unprecedented 3D point density, range, and continuously adjustable field of view and scan parameters. Areté’s DVE Lidar uniquely captures and processes full lidar waveforms, which enables novel weak target detection, obscurant characterization, and rejection. Areté’s DVE Lidar is designed to meet MIL standards and FAA certification requirements.

  • Full waveform capture and processing
  • Pulse-level dust mitigation and obscurant characterization
  • Agile, adjustable scan pattern
  • Wide field of regard and rapid scan rate
  • High-resolution 3D imaging
  • Selectable laser pulse repetition frequency
  • All-range, long-range detection (2 km)
  • Compact, rugged, low-SWAP design

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