Mr. Rich Haver, Independent Consultant

Mr. Haver has spent his career in the intelligence community, mostly in executive leadership positions. He served 16 years in Naval Intelligence, rising to the senior civilian position – Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence. He became the first Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Policy in 1989, subsequently serving as the Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs until 1995. Mr. Haver then led the Ames Damage Assessment and was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Special Activities. In June 1998, he served as the Chief of Staff of the National Intelligence Council and Special Advisor to the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production.

In January 1999, Mr. Haver joined TRW as Vice President and Director, Intelligence Programs. He led business development and marketing activities in the intelligence market area for their Systems & Information Technology Group. He also served as liaison to the group’s strategic and tactical C3 business units, as well as, TRW’s Telecommunications and Space & Electronics groups. In June 2001, Mr. Haver was appointed to head the Bush Administration’s Transition Team for Intelligence and then selected by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Mr. Haver joined Northrop Grumman Corporation in July 2003 serving as the Vice President for Intelligence Programs. He retired in January 2011. He is now consulting and providing assistance to EM Solutions as Special Advisor for Intelligence and Strategic Planning. He also serves on the Board of Directors of PASSUR Aerospace and i3 (Identification International Inc.)