Guiding Principles


Areté Associates is a unique enterprise contributing to national security through the performance of advanced science and engineering research and development, as well as military and intelligence studies and analysis. Areté has positioned itself to undertake production of high-end systems that have evolved from our science and engineering base and exploit our intellectual property.

Areté stands for integrity, excellence, and commitment. Areté enjoys a reputation with its customers for unquestioned integrity, for performing work of the highest caliber, for flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs, and for providing innovative solutions to the most challenging technical problems faced by the defense and intelligence organizations of the United States. The company has worked hard for more than four decades to develop the “Areté brand name,” a name our customers can trust, knowing that the company is committed to customer satisfaction.

Areté is committed to remaining a vital, growing, and independent company. Employee ownership puts the company’s destiny in its own hands, ensures its continued independence, and retains the company’s earnings for the financial benefit of the employee-owners. Every employee accumulates ownership by participating in the Areté Employee Stock Ownership plan (ESOP). Areté awards additional equity to select employees who make key contributions to the company.

The heart of Areté’s success is the professionalism, capability, and creativity of our employees. The spirit of Areté is to value, respect and nurture every employee. Areté will remain committed to the development and fair compensation of our most precious resource, our people. Areté encourages and supports employees in pursuit of advanced concepts that have the potential to create new business opportunities.

Areté creates opportunities by applying our formidable technical strengths to important problems. These characteristics are responsible for fostering the exceptionally creative, highly motivated work environment that is Areté. Indeed, one of the principal reasons talented individuals choose to work at Areté is the challenge and excitement of the work they undertake and the opportunity to be directly involved in the generation of important new projects.

Areté is committed to a balanced business strategy. The synergistic relationship exists between quality, expansion of professional opportunities, and financial growth. We strive to achieve a strong rate of growth, high enough to provide for the needed expansion of opportunities for our employees, but balanced against our unwavering commitment to the level of quality fundamental to what Areté stands for as a company. In turn, shareholder value will increase at a healthy rate, which will provide positive incentive to the employee-owners to work toward the company’s continued success over the long term.